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Automatic cPanel installation guide for VPS/dedicated server

cPanel is the world’s leading hosting control panel in web hosting industry today. All features and tasks are accessible via a web interface and on top of that it provides all needed multiple levels of access for administrators, resellers and end-users right out of the box. In this article we will describe how one can install cPanel on a CentOS VPS/dedicated server. Later on we will make some common security tweaks and finally we will try to troubleshoot some common problems.

Virtualmin - Webmin

Virtualmin is a very powerful and light control panel for Unix-based and of course Linux servers,  written mostly in perl, being one of the favorites tools of administrators

The reason is simple, it very expandable and does not affect operating system on which is installed, unlike for example radical changes taking place by cPanel. The management is offered by it's own web server providing a web-interface for setting up all available services (Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PHP, mailserver, etc) and config files of the system.

Logaholic - cPanel - HTTP 401 error

In case you run into the error: "HTTP error 401 You do not have permission to access this page" when visiting the Logaholic statistics, after your cPanel is upgraded from 11.30.x, 11.31.x to 11.32.x, follow the next steps to solve it: 1. Login to your server via ssh 2. execute the commands

Optimize Apache on cPanel - apache benchmark

Requirements: If you don't have Prefork installed, then please install it via Easy Apache on your WHM. You will have to recompile Apache.

Run apache benchmark on terminal:
ab -n 500 -c 50

It's best to select your heavier webpage.
You'll get something like the following screen:

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