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Automatic cPanel installation guide for VPS/dedicated server

cPanel is the world’s leading hosting control panel in web hosting industry today. All features and tasks are accessible via a web interface and on top of that it provides all needed multiple levels of access for administrators, resellers and end-users right out of the box. In this article we will describe how one can install cPanel on a CentOS VPS/dedicated server. Later on we will make some common security tweaks and finally we will try to troubleshoot some common problems.

How to find the IPs connecting to my server?

The following command displays a list of the IPs that are connected to our server ignoring the STATE of the connection (CLOSE_WAIT, ESTABLISHED, etc)
netstat -tn 2>/dev/null
-t flag tells netstat to display only TCP connections and -n flag tells netstat command not to resolve IPs to hostnames While stderr (2) redirection (>) throws at "garbage" (/dev/null) means that we just don't want possible errors to break our cute output we are trying to make.
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