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At Hostdog we comprehend the necessity and importance of providing you with continuous and effective support. That's how we manage to gain your preference and trust so far. Thereby, we make sure we are at your disposal 24 hours per day and 7 days per week in order to solve technical problems and answer questions concerning our services.

How to go about that?

  1. With our blog knowledge-base and FAQ section that contain articles related to clients' frequent questions,
  2. through our special on-line chat on our website,
  3. by phone at +30 2310 863288 (10 am - 6 pm) to reach us personally,
  4. through e-mail at to deal with emergency issues 24/7.


Hostdog in response to the constant demand of its customers, offers special support packages to meet increased needs and specialized support requirements. It is achieved through some corporate rules that we have established:


  • We are friendly and reachable
  • We promise that while communicating with us you will only experience politeness and friendly attitude. You will not be treated like you're "just an another customer" with "that problem", but as a special event for us with your name and you will not scare you by bombarding you with technical terminologies.
  • We don't have call center and "levels"
  • Every single time you contact us, you are talking with a person who has the experience and the authority to solve your problem
  • You have your personal account manager1
  • Something that allows you not only enjoy a high level of support services, but also have a person to explain the full range of services offered by Hostdog to you and have access to counseling services according to your custom needs for hosting.
  • Our goal is to serve
  • Briefly, we want any communication with us to be a positive and beneficial experience for you. Even during a difficult situation.


In the case of VPS and/or Dedicated Servers, support packages offered by hostdog are:


Management package: Silver Gold
Free backup space 500GB 1000GB
Simple (ping) monitoring & alerts
Custom traffic alerts2
Services monitoring
OS/Control Panel security updates
OS Optimization
Software installation and configuration -
Apache, MySQL, PHP Optimization -
Immediate intervention if any problem arises -
Monthly 50€ 100€


Driven by providing high quality modern services, Hostdog, provides additional competitive packages for extra backup storage to the holders of management packages.

Extra backup space: 1TB 2TB
Monthly 15€ 25€

Need something more?

If the above management packages does not fit your needs, we will be glad to have a personal conversation regarding your needs and explain to you how we can assist you. Contact us. 1 Management package Gold or if specific criteria met. 2 Valid for VPS and Dedicated servers.