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Payment Methods

Hostdog provides four different payment methods when it comes to acquiring or renewing our services. Here you can learn more about these solutions and then decide which one is more flexible and practical for you.


Paypal is a service that provides secure on-line transactions and money transfers in general. It is nothing more than an on-line account in which we deposit money to make our on-line transactions. So, when we want to purchase something on-line instead of providing our bank account information we enter our Paypal account information. Paypal makes sure that our information is encrypted before it is sent to the on-line destinations that we want to send money. This way we ensure that we are not going to fall victims of our personal information theft and most of all we avoid using our bank account which could be risky and unsafe.

Credit Card

Paying with a credit card (Mastercard, Visa) on-line is a easy, fast and safe as if using it in regular stores for your everyday purchases. The process for on-line purchases goes like this: Once you make your order, you then have to fill in a form on our website with your personal as well as your credit card information. After that you can give the order for the completion of your purchase and the money transfer to our bank account. That's it! Does it seem dangerous? It is actually absolutely safe since we ensure that your personal information is being encrypted while you enter it on our website forms with SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). We then send it to your bank that decodes it, performs the transaction and encrypts it again before sending it to ours. Thus, we make sure that your personal information is safe from theft, loss or publication in the stages of our transaction.

Bank deposit

In this case when you make your order you have to transfer to our bank account the amount of money that is necessary for activating the service you are ordering. The transfer has to be made within 2 days period (48 hours) otherwise your order is canceled. After that you have to send us the receipt of your transfer by e-mail to citing the invoice number. Our bank accounts are:

    Account: 5202-047872-715
    IBAN: GR52 0172 2020 0052 0204 7872 715

  • Bank: ALPHA BANK
    Account: 704002310032000
    IBAN: GR87 0140 7040 7040 023 10032 000

    Account: 213/555729-14
    IBAN: GR62 0110 2130 0000 2135 5572 914

  • Bank: EUROBANK
    Account: 0026.0037.00.0200796050
    IBAN: GR80 0260 0370 0000 0020 0796 050

    Owner/Payee name: Nicolaos Stefanis

Buying Credits

You can buy Credits from us using one of the previous three payment solutions (Paypal, Credit Card and Bank deposit) in order to make safe and automatic purchases. The credits you buy are added to your account and αρε used whenever you purchase one of our products or services. Plus the total of credits you buy amounts to the number of euros you spent to buy them. Thus, you can make on-line fast and automated purchases without losing any money in the process for commissions and the like.