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Transactions Security

At Hostdog we use SSL protocol connections to ensure the privacy of the transactions and we employ all the necessary measures for the protection of your personal data.

The nature of Internet is such that many times causes us a feeling of suspicion and insecurity. Especially in the old days when we didn't know much about it, it wasn't browse around websites unsuspecting. Many of us still avoid giving personal data, sharing information let alone making an on-line purchase.

However, things are not so pessimistic any more since experience has shown us how to avoid risky websites and technology has provided us with tools that protects us from dangers of personal informations theft.

We use our experience and incorporate the most updated software tools to ensure the privacy of on-line transactions with our customers and provide the utmost security possible. In detail:

  • From the moment that a visitor uses one of our services s/he is asked to create a personal account. In order to ensure the exclusive access to the account, the visitor is asked to choose a personal security password.
  • Our access to your personal data and the information of your transactions is as limited as possible since it is allowed solely to the authorized personnel of our economic department.
  • While you are making and order or paying for a service we use the SSL (Secure socket Layer) protocol to encrypt all the personal information you provide. So, when you enter your the pin of your credit card or the number of your bank account for example your information is coded and then transferred to your bank's database which then decodes it performs the money transfer. That means neither we nor anybody else have access to your personal information.