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Wordpress optimization

Wordpress is the most popular CMS today, the main reason for it's big success is the ease of use and the very big community that supports it. However, one can quite frequently come up with a website based on Wordpress that even it isn't too big or filled with functions it remains slow to load. Something also affecting SEO, as a website's loading time is a SEO factor. How to make your Wordpress site faster? You will find below some tips and suggestions for Wordpress optimization: Server:

How to improve my website's load time? Part 1

Usually on sites applies the 80/20 rule, where 20% corresponds to the time our server takes to reply a webpage and 80% to the time needed by a browser to load the whole page (images, css, javascript, rendering). Let's analyze where all that valuable time is "lost" and how we can interfere.

Minimizing HTTP requests

These days a modern webpage, even one generated by a highest quality CMS, uses a lot of images, javascript and cascading style sheets (CSS). All of these combined with the limitation of many browsers to open very few connections to a domain lead to notable delay.

Optimizing MySQL database using

MySQLTuner is a script written in perl which based to MySQL logs, it generates some pretty safe suggestions about which variables can be changed in MySQL config file for a little extra performance First, we download the script and make it executable:
chmod +x
Then we run it:
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