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What is Virtualmin?

Virtualmin is a powerfull and lightweight control panel for UNIX and Linux servers based on Webmin. It offers a unique philosophy enabling system administrators manage in full detail every aspect of their systems. It respects fully any decision regarding for example your preference to your favourite FTP server or authentication system. This is achieved by running in a "wrapper" layer philosophy keeping operating system's file almost intact and editing configuration files in a secure and flexible way unlike other proprietary control panels.

It doesn't lack any functionality in terms of shared hosting environments and it's vibrant community keep it fresh and feature rich. Did we mention it is also very secure? The most accurate metric for this is it's only a minimal vulnerabilities published since 2003! It has full mobile support and on top of that it is open source and free!

Who is Virtualmin for?

Virtualmin is for everyone, but experienced system administrators and developers will identify it's simplistic and flexible design and will love it. Hostdog of course has noticed how uniquely powerful and flexible web server administration tool this software is and has developed a long partnership, offering not only Virtualmin as a control panel option on VPS and Dedicated servers but fully supporting it as well

How I can learn more about Virtualmin?

You can always read more about Virtualmin in our blog (what Virtualmin is, Virtualmin installation HOW-TOs, etc).