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What is and how do I connect to webmail?

What is Webmail;

Webmail is a e-mail client, just like Outlook or Thunderbird, which as the name suggests, runs on the ..web. That is on user's browser. Webmail clients are , Roundcube, SquirrelMail.

Why Webmail;

Some of the advantages of webmail clients are:

  • They provide easy and direct access from anywhere
  • They don't require any additional software, a browser is enough, on top of that many webmail clients are mobile friendly
  • The access is always done via secure connections using SSL certificates
  • It is offered as service for free in all shared and SSD shared hosting packages.

How do I login to webmail;

Accessing the webmail interface of you web hosting account is very easy, you need only to remember the word .."webmail"!

The access URL is where you can login to your e-mail account using the following credentials: username:full e-mail address e.g.: and password: the password of your e-mail account.

Which webmail program should i choose?

After successfully logging in to webmail interface you may select the webmail client of your preference.

SquirrelMail, is the simplest webmail client, and is recommended for users that don't require many extra functionality other than basic mail send and receive and/or are accessing webmail using a slow connection/

Roundcube is powered by a modern AJAX enabled interface supporting drag-n-drop, HTML markup, etc.

Horde is the most feature rich webmail program and is recommended for demanding users requiring mobile access and productivity tools (calendar, notes, etc).