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WHMCS - Hetzner Widget (free)

WHMCS - Hetzner widget is a WHMCS widget developed by Hostdog to display your Hetzner servers information.

It features a 10 columns table to display server's:

  • IP
  • Server name
  • Type (Product)
  • Datacenter
  • Status
  • Due Date (next payment date)
  • Bandwidth In
  • Bandwidth Out
  • Bandwidth In & Out Compined
  • Bandwidth Limit

How to Install

  1. Extract it in WHMCS-PATH/modules/widgets/
  2. Go and setup the widget to appear under Setup -> Administrator Roles

Hetzner has 50 requests per 1 hour limit to the traffic API command, so if you see your bandwidth statistics reset it's because of this limit (or it's just the 1st minute of the month).

This is an open-source software. It is free for download. There is no guarantee or support for it!