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targetTLDmin. reg.promoregistrationtransferrenew
County World World.com1 year10.00€10.00€10.00€
County Europe Europe.eu1 year10.00€6.00€10.00€
County Germany Germany.de1 year12.00€12.00€12.00€
County Spain Spain.es1 year10.00€Free10.00€
County England England.uk1 year8.00€8.00€8.00€
County France France.fr1 year11.50€11.50€11.50€
County Greece Greece.gr2 years20.00€Free20.00€
County Belgium Belgium.be1 year10.00€10.00€10.00€
County World World.net1 year11.00€11.00€11.00€
County World World.org1 year11.00€11.00€11.00€

New TLDs

Now with the new TLDs you can be more specific than ever! (The list is constantly updated with new TLDs)

targetTLDmin. reg.promoregistrationtransferrenew
County World World.singles1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.clothing1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.camera1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.photography1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.tips1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.bike1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.guru1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.holdings1 year28.00€28.00€28.00€
County World World.plumbing1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.today1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.domains1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.email1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.coffee1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.photos1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.support1 year19.20€19.20€19.20€
County World World.menu1 year33.70€33.70€33.70€
County World World.shoes1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.house1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.pink1 year22.10€22.10€22.10€
County World World.red1 year22.10€Free22.10€
County World World.blue1 year22.10€22.10€22.10€
County World World.cab1 year28.90€28.90€28.90€
County World World.pics1 year26.00€26.00€26.00€
County World World.expert1 year43.30€43.30€43.30€
County World World.world1 year30.00€30.00€30.00€
County World World.global1 year64.00€64.00€64.00€
County World World.international1 year19.50€19.50€19.50€
County World World.fashion1 year30.00€30.00€30.00€
County World World.dog1 year44.50€44.50€44.50€
County World World.online1 year35.00€35.00€35.00€

Countries TLDs

targetTLDmin. reg.promoregistrationtransferrenew
County Greece years20.00€Free20.00€
County Greece years20.00€Free20.00€
County Greece years20.00€Free20.00€
County Greece years20.00€Free20.00€
County Greece years20.00€Free20.00€
County Italy Italy.it1 year10.00€10.00€10.00€
County Netherlands Netherlands.nl1 year9.00€9.00€9.00€
County Austria Austria.at1 year12.00€12.00€12.00€
County Denmark Denmark.dk1 year12.00€12.00€12.00€
County Czech Republic Czech Republic.cz1 year12.00€12.00€12.00€
County Switzerland Switzerland.ch1 year12.00€12.00€12.00€
County Croatia Croatia.hr1 year80.00€Free80.00€
County Sweden Sweden.se1 year14.00€14.00€14.00€
County Poland Poland.pl1 year10.00€10.00€10.00€
County England years15.00€15.00€15.00€
County England years15.00€15.00€15.00€
County Portugal Portugal.pt1 year20.00€20.00€20.00€
County Romania Romania.ro2 years80.00€80.00€80.00€
County India India.in1 year12.00€12.00€12.00€
County Russia Russia.ru1 year21.00€21.00€21.00€
County Serbia Serbia.rs1 year38.00€Free38.00€
County USA USA.us1 year10.00€10.00€10.00€
County Colombia Colombia.co1 year28.00€28.00€28.00€
County Canada Canada.ca1 year10.00€10.00€10.00€
County World World.asia1 year15.00€15.00€15.00€
County China China.cn1 year15.00€15.00€15.00€
County Australia years18.00€Free18.00€
County Australia years18.00€Free18.00€
County Palau Palau.pw1 year8.00€8.00€8.00€
County Cocos Islands Cocos Islands.cc1 year20.00€20.00€20.00€