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New TLDs

New TLDs - What is

The introduction of a large set of new TLDs ( new Top Level Domains) is the response to the ever growing suggestions and proposals for creating more opportunities for individuals, corporations and organizations. It marks a new era in Internet as changes the data in the domains targeting. For example now a large set of activities or a sector - object can be represented directly with a new suffix (eg. Bike,. Photography,. Today).

Who are the new TLDs for?

Better targeting and SEO

New TLDs are supported by Google as remains the leader of the market and the integration of new methods in search algorithms is constant, now maybe even additional precedence may be given to the new TLDs as they form keywords that come even closer to the rule of "keywords in the begining of an URL".

This way instead of registering a domain like one can directly register, whick describes instantly the purpose and the content of your webpage.

Even businesses that didn't had direct relation with the Internet, there are even for all of them a suffix that can be represantitive (.coffee, .club, .florist, .boutique).

Solution to the problem of unavailable domains

New TLDs addressed to all and in fact ensure that the domain an individual or company wish is definitely available under at least a similar alternative suffix (πχ: .technology, .expert, .guru, .computer).

Additionaly they protect corporations that have registered trademarks from competitors or unauthorized users registering their brand names.

Personal use

The internet is part of our daily lives, depending on the presence of each individual in the area, there are suffixes that can be used quite individually like the .email TLD

Also do not forget the cheerful mood in our lives that can be covered with suffixes like: .ninja, .cool

Hostdog and the new TLDs

At Hostdog we enjoy being part of we love to be a part of the developments and remain on top with innovative services. Within this context it could not be lacking the direct supply of new TLDs with the best market prices.

In particular we renewed the look in our domain name pricelist, where you can find a list that is dynamically updated and includes all promotions and is being enriched automatically with new TLDs as soon as they become available.