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What is and when do I need a dedicated IP?

What is dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP, is a unique IP allocated to a client for exclusive usage. Usually many different domains resolve to a single shared server IP. The reasons that a dedicated IP is necessary are usually limited to technical. In this page you may find all details and policies regarding dedicated IP allocation.

What is the cost for a dedicated IP in (SSD) Shared Hosting / VPS / Dedicated server?

All of above three products are different, meaning that they comprise different levels of flexibility, pricing and limitations vary as well

Dedicated IP for (SSD) Shared Hosting

Most shared hosting users have little need for a dedicated IP address. However, a dedicated IP address does provide certain advantages and/or is required by certain services as SSL.

In shared hosting packages you may order a maximum of 1 dedicated IP per account, strictly for SSL usage

Dedicated IP for VPS servers

VPS means flexibility! Depending on availability you may order up to 4 additional IP addresses other than the one that is included by default which means you can have a total of 5 usable IP addresses allocated in your VPS

Dedicated IP for Dedicated servers

A maximum of 3 additional single IPs can be ordered per dedicated server. But dedicated servers are subject to IP subnets allocation

Available subnets beyond 4 in total (1 main + 3 additional single IPs) can be ordered with Flexi-Pack

Available subnets are:

  • /29 (6 usable IPs)
  • /28 (14 usable IPs)
  • /27 (30 usable IPs)

Notes for dedicated servers

  1. Subnets can be ordered directly, without ordering additional single IPs first.
  2. The maximum possible allocation per dedicated server is a total of 30 IP addresses.

Dedicated IP allocation rules and policies

Due to global IPv4 exhaustion, IP allocation is pretty strict to ensure maximum utilization. And require technically valid justification of usage.

Technically valid justification should include

  • Usage of 80% of IPs within a month and up to 20% for future usage.
  • Valid technical reason where additional IPs are required:
    • Examples: SSL websites hosting, VPS hosting, multiple services running on same port ( Apache on port 80, nginx on port 80)
    • Examples of NOT valid reasons: Different IP for SEO,